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Power Looms


Most of the fabrics used in Tigre Brocante is woven with machines called “power loom”.
As they are rare and old-fashioned, it is required to carefully modulate them manually,
thus they are quite similar to handlomed.This is because the power looms produce
30-50m of fabric in a day otherwise contemporary ones weave 1,500m.
However, remember that low productivity does not actually mean low quality.


Unique quality of the fabric and matured texture as you wear it.
The power looms require minimum stress on yarns by throwing a weft shuttle slowly.
Hence the fabrics stand for clear difference between handicraft and manufacturing,
and old-fashioned “Japanese carftmanship”.


(left: Final check of texture by holding the fabric to the light.)
(right: Parts of the looms. As they are so rare that there are no alternatives, each of them is
carefully categorised by collecting from the broken ones)

Oiginal Item By Power Looms
Selvedge Oxford Button Down Shirt
Chambray Work Shirt